Awards and Recognition

15 international competitions won
& world records on established data sets

Face Detection - Alignment - Recognition - Attributes

• 2017 & 2018: Winner of double titles of NIST Unrestricted           Face Recognition Competition
• 2017: Winner of double titles of MS-Cele-1M Face Challenge
• 2019: Winner of three titles of ICCV LFR Challenge

Vehicle Plate Detection - Tracking - Recognition,
Traffic Anomaly Detection

• Champion of "unsupervised traffic anomaly detection" in CVPR
   smart city challenge 2018
• VERI-Wild and VCIP will be refreshed by vehicle ReID in 2019
• World record of 2019 vehicle re identification grand challenge

Target Tracking, Pedestrian Detection, Pedestrian Re-
Recognition (RE-ID) and Behavior Recognition

• 2013: International VOT Champion
• 2015: Caltech Dataset World Champion
• 2019: World champion in REID CUHK03, DukeMTMC-reID 

   and Market1501 Datasets
• 2019: World champion in REID PRID-2011, iLIDS-VID and       

   MARS Datasets
• 2019: World champion in CF-Crime and ShanghaiTech

   Campus Datasets

Intelligent Robotics and Automatic Driving

• 2018: Champion of IROS Mobile Robot Competition
• 2018: Champion of NIPS AI-DO (AI Driverless Car Olympic)

• 2019: Third place in ISMAR AR-SLAM Challenge - Visual

   Navigation VSLAM Competition

Automatic Emotion Recognition

• 2017: Runner up of MEC2017 Face, Speech and Emotion
Bimodal Recognition Competition

Speech Recognition

• 2015: World No.1 in Voiceprint Recognition RSR2015 Dataset

Object Detection, Image Segmentation, Image Classification, Scenario Recognition and Image Enhancement

• 2010, 2011 and 2012: Champions of Pascal VOC (predecessor of Imagenet) Visual Object Detection and Classification Competitions

Transfer Learning and Small Sample Learning

• 2020: Runner up of CVPR CD-FSL
• 2020: Set a world record in Market1501, DukeMTMC-reID and
MSMT17 Datasets


Nominated by Mark Allen Group

HR Excellence Award

Pensees is shortlisted for the "HR Excellence Award", under the category of "Best HR Strategy from Overseas".

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Awarded by CIO Advisor APAC

Pensees has been featured in CIO Advisor's magazine for exhibiting excellence in delivering Artificial Intelligence AI Solutions for the Asian-Pacific Region.


Awarded by HR Asia

Best Companies to Work For in Asia 2020

Pensees has been recognised by HR Asia as one of the Top Companies with high levels of employee engagement and excellent workplace cultures.


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