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Video analytics transform IP cameras into intelligent systems. Traditionally, a surveillance system requires at least one security guard to look at multiple TVs 24/7, which is very costly and inefficient. By leveraging existing IP cameras in the surveillance infrastructure, PesEyes' video analytics changes the traditional surveillance method. By automating the surveillance process with image processing and computer vision, PesEyes automatically and swiftly alerts the end user of areas for attention as they arise.

security guard at compuetr watching footage
Two people fighting

Fighting detection determines and sends alerts for aggressive actions, such as punching or kicking between two or more people in a region of interest. It is very useful in video surveillance of open space areas including dormitories, classrooms, factories, public transportation, prisons, bars, or even at sports facilities. PesEyes has a smart mechanism to differentiate fighting from normal activities such as gathering, dancing and playing. In addition, it is customisable to support a variety of distances from camera between 3m to 10m.


Face recognition is a process to identify known and unknown faces from a region of interest. With the state-of-the-art algorithm, PesEyes is able to recognise the registered whitelist or blacklist with an accuracy of up to 99%. A whitelist refers to a list of Very Important Persons, while blacklists refer to individuals to avoid or distrust. With PesEyes, it is fast and reliable, even under challenging conditions such as the wearing of masks or glasses, dim lighting, changing of facial expressions and motion blur. 

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Loitering: Image by Nathan Dumlao

PesEyes is able to identify loitering individuals or groups in regions of interest. For example, during the off-duty period, an organisation can implement the loitering-detection function to safeguard the surrounding area and alert the officer if someone is loitering. This is an preventive measure, providing one with a peace of mind that the surroundings will be safe. 


Unattended objects are items left behind and without any humans present. Given a region of interest, PesEyes will constantly model the background to detect and confirm either item(s) left behind or the removal of an item. It is robust against human motion and extreme indoor/outdoor environment. 

Unattended bag_Image by Jed Owen
No entry, intrusion detection

PesEyes’ intrusion detector triggers an alert when someone enters a pre-defined region. Organizations can utilize this function to safeguard sensitive, dangerous or restricted areas, allowing for deterrence as well as fast responses to intrusions.


Face Mask Detection

Under the COVID-19 pandemic, wearing a face mask is the new normal in public areas. To protect the health of individuals and communities, PesEyes can locate and alert authorities of people not wearing masks. It is invariant to the colour of the mask or mask types. 

License Plate Recognition

License plate recognition or LPR is a smart element in PesEyes to locate and recognise car license plate numbers. It has been widely used in smart carpark systems, including the opening the carpark gantries, tracking vehicles across various cameras at different angles, and seamlessly integrating the data into site reports for further analysis. Common applications include the detection of speeding, beating red lights and illegal parking.

Faulty Barrier / Missing Barrier Detection

Faulty or missing barriers are common causes of vehicle congestion at carpark gantries, causing trouble for both drivers and carpark owners alike. By utilising PesEyes, the system will immediately alert the person-in-charge once a fault in the barrier is detected, ensuring swift resolution of the issue and smoothness of operations.

Detection of Illegal Parking / Vehicle Dwelling / Vehicle Congestion

PesEyes' vehicle detection helps to spot illegal parking in an area of interest or vehicle congestion in front of a carpark gantry. Besides cars, it also supports the detection of a range of vehicles such as lorries, vans, buses, motorcycles and even bicycles.

Crowd Counting

PesEyes can either count the number of people in a region of interest, or monitor the number of people entering and exiting an area. This crowd counting function is not limited to humans, and can be applied to vehicles or animals as well. 

Climbing Detection

PesEyes’ can detect when someone is climbing a fence, wall or any other restricted structure in a region of interest. It helps prevent break-ins, trespassing and violation of safety rules.