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Pensees Intelligent Face Recognition Access Control System

with Temperature Monitoring Version 1.0

Pensees Intelligent Face Recognition Access with a Temperature Screening Module is a 4-in-1 device.

Automatic contact-less temperature measurement allows you to avoid traditional body temperature measurement by thermometers and temperature gun. With infrared thermal body temperature measurement, the device is able to achieve a temperature deviation of ±0.3°C, in the body temperature range of 30°C~45°C.

Pensees in-housed developed device and Face Recognition algorithm, face recognition with mask algorithm patented to Pensees Singapore R&D Center.

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On-Premise Cloud Integration

Automated Submission

For SafeEntry And 

People Counting

Integrate with existing system through API

4 -in 1 Main Features:

- Contact-less automated Temperature Measurement

- Door Access by Face recognition with Liveness detection

- Intelligent alert of High temperature

- Contact Tracing with attendance management with temperature statistics

Other Features: 

1. Face recognition with or without mask on 

2. Reminder to wear mask 

3. Visitor app with health/travel declaration form

4. Staff/Visitor QR code + link to SafeEntry, and will be constantly updated with local regulations

Key Advantages:

1. Efficient and safe passing by accurate, fast and contact-less temperature measurement

2. Double verification via connected face and temperature data, easy tracing via synchronization of records to back-end system

3. Attendance and Temperature report can be exported

4. Alert of abnormal body temperature in forms of voice messages, lighting and more

5. Flexible deployment with standalone or networked operations  


Use Cases:

The device can be installed as a standalone system, work parallel with existing door access system, installed and replace risky existing contact-based access system, integrate with existing systems e.g. turnstile. Visitor management systems to achieve contact-less body temperature screening of incoming and outgoing personnel at entrances of offices, commercial buildings, government buildings, communities and apartments. In case of persons with fever detected, passage shall be blocked and notifications be sent to persons in charge for subsequent manual intervention.

Technical Support:

Ownership of propriety of product and algorithm, allowing full technical support

Expertise in Facial Recognition and Thermal Imaging Technology


Nicholas Kraal, True Group

We made the best decision appointing Pensees Singapore as our preferred vendor for thermal solutions for all our True Fitness & TFX Centres in Singapore. Our average centre receives an average of 500 members per day plus an average of 20 staff per centre; hence having this solution saves us additional manpower required for temperature screening and tracking of temperature readings.


A great product made better with amazing technical support. Pensees Team have been prompt and extremely responsive with all technical support required by our centres. We look forward to working alongside Pensees and contributing towards improvements & enhancements.


To enquire more or to schedule a product demo with one of our product consultants, please fill in your contact details.


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