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COVID-19 Support: Pensees Intelligent Facial Recognition Access Control System with Temperature Monitoring Version 1.0 System

Product functionality and Warranty related questions

Qns:  Can you share with me more on the device functionalities?


-    Access control with DIO to activate EM-lock to open and close doors
-    Face recognition with or without mask
-    Reminder to wear mask with sound and wording “Please wear mask” appears
-    Contact-less Temperature measurement with or without face recognition
-    Contact-less Temperature record and name will appear on device’s screen
-    Alert on device screen with sound “Suspected High Temperature” when above set threshold, usually set at 37.5deg

Qns:  Can you share with me more on the cloud management platform functionalities?


-    Access control including remotely opening door by authorised personnel
-    Cloud Role access management, e.g. Admin account can view devices at other locations belong to the company
-    Real-time Face recognition accuracy record
-    Real-time Temperature record
-    Real-time Stranger alert with sound and image, unregistered Face  
-    Real-time Suspected High Temperature alert with sound and image
-    Attendance module with shift work management, company holiday management, attendance record report 
-    Temperature record report 
-    Visitor Management 
-    Visitor Management app + Health/Travel Declaration to be deployed on company’s own tablet. 


Qns:  What if I did not register a visitor's details into the device, can the device still read the temperature of the visitor?


Yes, the device will record the visitor's face as a stranger and the visitor's temperature can be still read by the device.

Qns: If I buy this package for temperature monitoring but after several months there is no more need for temperature monitoring, what is the value to continue using the device?

Face recognition is another key competitive feature, Pensees’s device can be used for door access and attendance taking, which can improve your company productivity without touching the device or worrying about losing entry card like other door access system.

Qns: What is the warranty of the device?


First year is 1 for 1 exchange for faulty device. Second year onwards is purchase of device at a discounted cost. 

Qns: Is the device safe and how is my data stored?


The device has end to end encryption and only the meta-data is stored on the device. Only your company's administrator has full rights to your registered user data. The cloud based service is on Amazon cloud service which is renowned for their cybersecurity measures. 


Qns: What are the PDPA regulations that my company should note?


Each company should have their own PDPA policy and it should include consent from their staff/registered user for registering their image for the usage of the device. Pensees is able to assist in providing a reference PDPA for your company's consideration. 

PSG Grant related questions

Qns: What do I get when I purchase Package A or Package B listed on smeportal.sg? 


Package A consists of direct purchase of the device, 1 year software license, installation and 2hrs of training for your administrator. The PSG grant only supports the first year of software license. 

Package B consists of 1 year leasing of the device, 1 year software license, installation and 2hrs of training for your administrator. The PSG grant only supports the first year of leasing of device and first year of software license. 

Qns:What are the differences in the two packages?


As Package B consists of 1 year leasing of the device, you will return the device at the end of the leasing period. In the second year, with additional costs that is not supported by the PSG grant, you may choose to continue to lease the device or purchase the device. 

Qns: For the applicaiton of PSG grant, can I purchase the device without certain items in the package?


We regret to inform that the package has to be purchased as what we have advised in our quotation to you. This package its items and its costs has all been pre-approved by IMDA for SME @ Go Digital program. 

Qns: What is the typical reimbursement procedure and processing time for the grant to be reimbursed to SMEs?


As we are not the official governing body for the grant, this response is only for your general reference. Typical processing time for grant to be reimbursed to SMEs is 2 months and you may refer to this website for more information on grant procedure: 


As quoted from the above mentioned website: 

The steps you can take when applying for PSG:

  1. Visit Tech Depot on SME Portal to access the list of supportable solutions and identify relevant solutions that best suit your business needs.

  2. For IT solutions: Get a quotation from the pre-approved vendor.
    For equipment: Source for the equipment and get a quotation from the vendor

  3. Submit an application on the Business Grants Portal (BGP). You will need to register for a CorpPass account to transact on the portal.

For further enquires, kindly email grace.ong@pensees.ai