pensees patrol robot

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1. Reduce reliance on human resources and overcome manpower shortages concern.

2. Can be dispatched to designated quarantined areas and avoid staff exposure to risk of harm or infection.

3. Extend coverage and complement existing CCTV Security Surveillance System.


 4. Video Analytics capability onboard to detect and alert events to Control Centre in real-time



•Mutiple routes may be planned for different times of the day corresponding to the situations and needs.

• The Patrol Robot to set off from its start point and autonomously patrol the planned route till it reaches its destination point, circumventing any obstacles placed in its path.


• Cameras provide a 360 degree surveillance coverage with videos stored securely within the Robot’s storage and allows user to choose any video channel to view real-time on screen.


• Video Analytics onboard the robot will actively process and monitor the video streams to detect and alert any security incidents.


• Upon completing its patrol route, the Patrol Robot can be recharged via the Charging Station at the FCC and be dispatched on its next patrol route

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Patrol Route

Video Stream, Event Alert

360° Camera Coverage

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