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Facial Recognition Door Access Control Device


A Door Access Control Solution

PesGuard is an smart Face Recognition Door Access Control Device that works via facial recognition technology to scan, read and match faces to recognize, identify and authenticate people.


PesGuard can be integrated with attendance management for businesses, offices and homes for human resource (HR) and admin matters, where it is incorporated with a time management system (TMS) software for time and attendance supervision. By automating processes electronically and digitally, it brings an advantage to various applications. It functions as a scanner or reader for a complete security system for door access entry, security access and many more. It also generates and provides new-user QR codes for ease of access.

Smart access control devices are essential to the architecture of buildings for advanced security systems. With an operating biometric access control solution, it boosts efficiency and productivity in the workplace.

About access control
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White Paper on access control systems

A comprehensive overview of access control, including insights of technologies in access control, use cases of the system across industries, future developments of access control, and so on.

PesGuard uses intelligent biometric technology that enables companies to manage the attendance of their staff and visitors via door access control. It reduces the hygienic problems associated with traditional fingerprint systems and the inconvenience of access cards. It can be enhanced with an Integrated Thermal Temperature Monitoring Module to check the temperature of staff and visitors.

PesGuard has also been featured by the National Council of Social Service (NCSS) Singapore as a solution for an intelligent access control system, where it also identifies and encourages for technological adoption and digitalisation.

During the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, PesGuard was approved as a Covid-19 Support product by IMDA under the PSG Grant and approved by the Health Sciences Authority (HSA) as a Class-A medical device for temperature measurement to help our community to stay safe and healthy.

Today, as we move into a post-pandemic world, Pensees' PesGuard continues to serve numerous organizations and companies in Singapore and abroad with its variety of functions.

PesGuard Video


Pensees Pesguard Table Stand

Facial Recognition

People Counting and Time Management System

Access Control

Remote Door

Attendance Management


ePSS Generation


Pensees Cloud-Edge Design

PesGuard is designed with a Cloud-Edge approach. 


Owlook, the Pensees Management server, contains all the settings, user databases, and management of all PesGuard devices. PesGuard, the frontend device, performs facial recognition, authentication and authorization, temperature taking, and grants access to staff and visitors accordingly. It then sends all event data to the Pensees Management server. It also receives pictures and a list of authorized users from the server.

The Pensees Management server is Cloud-hosted and thus can be accessed efficiently from any location. All communication is protected and encrypted. There is no need for a backend server to be installed locally. As the server is on the Cloud, it is not necessary for additional servers. 


If required, the Pensees Management server can be deployed locally as well.

Cloud-edge design
Pensees Facial Recognition


Facial Recognition

The PesGuard makes use of facial recognition technology to enable swift and convenient door access for approved personnel. The PesGuard is able to detect faces regardless of whether the user is wearing a mask or not, and its liveness recognition function prevents it from detecting faces from photos or videos.  The PesGuard is able to detect a face in less than 0.3 seconds, and has an accuracy rate of ≥99%.

Pensees Facial Recognition
Pensees Attendance Tracking

The PesGuard comes with Pensees' Owlook Cloud Dashboard, which records in real-time the check-in and check-out times of staff and registered visitors. It is able to store the information of up to 30,000 individuals, and the recording the face of one individual requires only one clear front-view photograph. The attendance and movement data can be exported in Excel format.

Attendance Management

Image by Yalamber Subba
Pensees Cloud Dashboard

PesGuard is able to support a Blacklist and Whitelist function. Blacklisted individuals will not be allowed access by the PesGuard. Arrival of whitelisted individuals, such as VIP guests, will also trigger a notification when detected by the PesGuard for employees to respond accordingly. This dual-list function reduces the manpower needed to monitor entrances and doorways, and allows personnel to react quickly to visitors of different categories.

Blacklist and Whitelist

People Counting and Time Management

PesGuard's Cloud-based dashboard provides a real-time count of the number of people in an area, as well as a breakdown of past and present data. The Time Management System, contained within a single dashboard, gives the administrator a clear view of the manpower present and any capacity limits. 

The PesGuard is equipped with a 'Help' button for visitors and other non-registered personnel whose entry cannot be approved by the PesGuard. When they press the 'Help' button, a message together with a snapshot of the visitor taken by the PesGuard will be sent to the administrator. The administrator can then remotely open the door using the Pensees Cloud Dashboard without having to travel to the door, thereby enabling convenient, swift and safe visitor reception.

Remote Door Access

Pensees Remote Door Access for Delivery Reception

One-Click ePSS Generation for Construction 

Using entry and exit data collected by the PesGuard. administrators in the construction industry can make use of the Pensees Cloud Dashboard's inbuilt function to generate Electronic Productivity Submission System (ePSS) reports in excel format.

Pensees for Construction
Facial Recognition
Attendance Management
Blacklist and Whitelist
Pensees Blacklist and Whitelist with PesGuard Facial Recognition
People Counting and Time Management
Remote Door Access
Featuring ePSS

Facial recognition technology has come a long way in recent years and has become increasingly popular in various industries - particularly security and access control. The benefits of facial recognition access control systems are numerous and can greatly enhance operations.

Why are biometric access control systems popular?

Biometric access control systems, such as those featuring facial recognition, are becoming increasingly popular due to their ability to provide higher levels of security compared to traditional access control methods. They rely on unique physical characteristics, such as facial features of people, making them much more difficult to bypass. On the other hand, traditional methods such as keycards and passwords, can be easily replicated or stolen, making them vulnerable to security breaches.


Another reason for their popularity is the convenience they provide. Biometric access control systems eliminate the need for employees to carry around keys or remember complex passwords for access. This not only saves time but also reduces the risk of lost or stolen keys and forgotten passwords.

The advantages of facial recognition access control


Facial recognition access control, a type of biometric-based technology, has several advantages over other biometric access control methods. Firstly, it is a non-intrusive method, as it does not require employees to touch or place their fingerprints on a scanner. With a touch-free experience, it is sanitary and this eliminates the need for regular cleaning and reduces the risk of spreading germs.


Secondly, these systems can be integrated with other security systems, such as CCTV cameras, providing organizations with an additional layer of security. Apart from access control, organizations can also monitor and track individuals as they move throughout the building.

Thirdly, the results of facial recognition systems can be easily verified by the administrator, as the snapshot of the persons for each transaction is captured and stored for security purposes, as part of the in/out records of the people going through the facial recognition systems.


The speed of the technology is also another advantage. Facial recognition systems can quickly and accurately identify individuals, even in large crowds, making it ideal for high-traffic areas such as airports and train stations.

Why should organizations adopt such systems?

There are many benefits of facial recognition access control systems and they greatly enhance the security and efficiency of any organization. By implementing such systems, organizations can ensure that only authorized individuals have access to sensitive areas and information, while also providing a more efficient and convenient way of managing access.


In addition, these type of systems are able to provide better tracking and monitoring of individuals as they move throughout the building. This feature is essential in the event of an incident or emergency, as it can help identify the people and entities who were present at the particular time.


In conclusion, facial recognition access control systems are becoming more popular as they are more capable and provides a higher level of security compared to traditional methods. They are also convenient and can be integrated with other security systems, making them ideal for organizations of all sizes and demands. By adopting facial recognition access control systems, organizations can further enhance their security and efficiency, and obtain a convenient method of managing access for employees.


Pensees PesGuard for Construction Sites
Pensees PesGuard for Institutions
Pensees PesGuard for Medicine Dispensery




Pensees' Medicine Dispenser uses facial recognition to recognise residents, most of whom are old folks, so that medicine will be dispensed accurately. and at the same time reducing additional manpower to take temperature. It also greatly reduces the chance of human error and reliance on manpower.

The PesGuard has been employed at construction sites for people counting and Time Management System to keep track of capacity limits in the whole site or subsections of the site. Capacity-tracking with technology improves safety and efficiency on-site.

Pensees' PesGuard is deployed at tuition and enrichment centres for temperature-taking and attendance-taking. The Pensees stands are childproof and the contactless nature of the process ensures the outmost safety and hygiene for the students and staff of the centre. 

AND MORE......



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