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Pensees’ Smart Parking system, PesParking, helps car park operators to manage parking resources effectively and offers data analysis capabilities for further improvements. With PesParking, a better user experience can be provided for drivers and car park operators in the following ways:

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cars bozed.png
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With CCTV camera, our technology can monitor if there are cars parked at restricted regions for a certain time. If detected, the system will trigger an alert, and the car will be recorded with License Plate number if recognizable, or with car attributes like color, type and model for evidence. This LPR technology also forms the foundation of other PesParking solutions listed below, providing your organization with a multitude of options to manage your parking spaces.

Zone-based psrking top view

Parking spaces can be demarcated according to Season Parking, Hourly Parking, Residential Parking and Visitor parking intelligently.

parking lot booking with reserved sports

Car park users can do online booking for parking spaces before important events, or to get complimentary parking tickets with the associated shopping malls.

VIP parking spots

The implementation of a VIP list and Blacklist allows for differentiation, resulting in a higher level of security for the parking space and facility.


The PesParking system has been deployed by a car park operator in Singapore. The project includes Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) of vehicle license number to identify the vehicles of tenants and contractors. With parking lots reservation and integration with the operator’s car park kiosk, it has allowed drivers to search the parking zone of their vehicles.

After the successful deployment of Pensees’ Smart Parking Solution (PesParking) in the first building, the operator has decided to deploy Pensees’ solutions to other buildings and industrial parks under its management.

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