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Pensees’ Smart Parking system, PesParking, helps car park operators to manage parking resources effectively and offers data analysis capabilities for further improvements. With PesParking, a better user experience can be provided for drivers and car park operators in the following ways:

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With CCTV camera, our technology can monitor if there are cars parked at restricted regions for a certain time. If detected, the system will trigger an alert, and the car will be recorded with License Plate number if recognizable, or with car attributes like color, type and model for evidence. This LPR technology also forms the foundation of other PesParking solutions listed below, providing your organization with a multitude of options to manage your parking spaces.

License Plate Recognition
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parking lot booking with reserved sports
VIP parking spots
PesParking features

Parking spaces can be demarcated according to Season Parking, Hourly Parking, Residential Parking and Visitor parking intelligently.


Car park users can do online booking for parking spaces before important events, or to get complimentary parking tickets with the associated shopping malls.


The implementation of a VIP list and Blacklist allows for differentiation, resulting in a higher level of security for the parking space and facility.

In today's world, parking management is a critical aspect of urban planning and infrastructure. With the rising number of vehicles on the road, and increasing population, finding a parking spot has become a major obstacle for both drivers and parking operators.


To address these issues, smart parking systems have emerged as a viable solution. These systems use advanced technologies such as Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) or License Plate Recognition (LPR) to automate the parking process and provide valuable insights into parking operations. Among the various types of smart technology parking systems, AI-based video analytics systems have proven to be one of the most efficient and effective in this regard.

ANPR/LPR Technology

ANPR and LPR systems contain databases that store information about registered vehicles and their owners. These systems use smart devices such as cameras and advanced image processing algorithms to recognize and capture license plate numbers. When a vehicle enters a parking facility, the system captures its license plate number and compares it with the database. If the vehicle is authorized to park, the system grants the appropriate level of access and records the information. Otherwise, an alert or alarm may be triggered.

AI-based Video Analytics

AI-based Video Analytics

AI-based video analytics systems take the functionality of ANPR/LPR systems to the next level by incorporating advanced algorithms and machine learning techniques. Apart from recognizing license plates, video footage is analyzed to extract valuable information about parking operations.


Such systems are able to detect and count the number of vehicles entering and exiting a parking facility, identify parked vehicles, and calculate occupancy rates. AI-based video analytics can be applied to detect and alert operators about potential violations, such as illegal parking or unauthorized access.


Benefits of AI-based Video Analytics Smart Parking Systems

One of the major benefits of AI-based video analytics smart parking systems is their ability save time and operational costs, as it automates the parking process.

Another benefit is the real-time data and analytics that these systems provide. With detailed information about parking management, operators can make data-driven decisions. For example, they can modify and manage access policies when needed, to reduce vehicle congestion.


In addition, AI-based video analytics smart parking systems can also improve safety and security. With the ability to timely detect and alert operators about potential violations, these systems can help prevent illegal activities such as theft and vandalism. One example is to eliminate the issuing of complementary tickets for visitors to invited events. The event administrator can just simply register the vehicle license numbers of the visitors, and the access will be granted to those registered vehicles.

With these systems in place, parking operators no longer have to rely on the traditional systems of parking management - such as manual ticketing and enforcement - which are resource-intensive, prone to human error, and lacking in real-time data processing and analytics.


In conclusion, AI-based video analytics smart parking systems is a practical solution for parking management. These systems utilize advanced technologies such as ANPR/LPR and AI-based video analytics to automate the parking process, provide real-time data and analytics, and improve safety and security. With these systems in place, parking operators are more efficient, and thus better optimize the use of their facilities.

Project Implementation

The PesParking system has been deployed by a car park operator in Singapore. The project includes Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) of vehicle license number to identify the vehicles of tenants and contractors. With parking lots reservation and integration with the operator’s car park kiosk, it has allowed drivers to search the parking zone of their vehicles.

After the successful deployment of Pensees’ Smart Parking Solution (PesParking) in the first building, the operator has decided to deploy Pensees’ solutions to other buildings and industrial parks under its management.

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