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Pensees’ PesRobot is an intelligent patrol robot to provide better services for building and facility management.
Cameras on board the patrol robot provide a 360 degree video surveillance, and video analytics will actively monitor and process the video streams to detect and alert the Control Center for immediate action if there are any security incidents.

PesRobot has the following features: 

  • With manpower crunch and shortage of security guards in Singapore, PesRobot helps reduce the reliance on human resources by assisting humans in patrolling;

  • It has video analytics capability onboard to detect and alert events to the Control Centre in real-time, such that when there is  fighting and/or people falling down, the PesRobot is able to go to the rescue;

  • It can also be despatched to designated areas on regular or adhoc basis;

  • With PesRobot, the surveillance area can be extended and this complements the existing CCTV Security Surveillance System.

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The Pensees’ PesRobot is currently deployed  at SingPost Centre. PesRobot not only reduces the manpower crunch in the security industry, it also contributes to full utilisation of new technology with higher productivity.

Deployment And Operations Scenario 

  • Mutiple routes may be planned for different times of the day corresponding to the situations and needs;

  • The Patrol Robot will set off from its start point and autonomously patrol the planned route till it reaches its destination point, circumventing any obstacles placed in its path;

  • Cameras provide a 360 degree surveillance coverage with videos stored securely within the Robot’s storage and allows user to choose any video channel to view real-time on screen;

  • Video Analytics onboard the robot will actively process and monitor the video streams to detect and alert any security incidents;

  • Upon completing its patrol route, the Patrol Robot can be recharged via the Charging Station and be despatched on its next patrol route.

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Patrol Route

Video Stream, Event Alert

360° Camera Coverage

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Understand our Patrol Robot better through the illustrations in this video!