Vaccination Status Display
Vaccination Status Display

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Masked Unvaccinated - Pad
Masked Unvaccinated - Pad

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Vaccination Status Display
Vaccination Status Display

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  • TraceTogether / Safe Entry Gateway Integrated

  • Vaccination status display

  • Facial Recognition Door Access system with or without mask

  • Contactless Temperature Measurement

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The PesGuard, is an intelligent Face Recognition Access Control System to offer the convenience to companies to manage the attendance of their staff and visitors, without the hygiene issues of traditional fingerprint systems and the inconvenience of access cards.  It has the capability to add an Integrated Thermal Temperature Monitoring Module to check the temperature of staff and visitors, and an option to add the SafeEntry App from the authority to check the vaccination status of staff and visitors. 

PesGuard has been approved as a Covid-19 Support product by IMDA under PSG Grant in 2020 and approved by Health Sciences Authority (HSA) as a Class-A medical device for temperature measurement to help our community to stay safe and healthy.

PesGuard Solutions

1.1.1 Door Access

The PesGuard can be used as a door access control device. At the main entrance it provides access for staff when entering the office. The access details will be saved in the server for HR to generate reports for attendance recording purposes.

1.1.2 Access control

Restrictions and access rules can also be setup so that the PesGuard works as a door keeper within a facility.

1.2.1  Mall Solutions Entry solutions

The PesGuard has been installed in Malls and Places of interest to perform tasks such as SafeEntry.

People Counting


“People Counting” is a Pensees In-House AI Solution whereby we deploy our Facial Recognition to identify unique faces and identify and count the number of people coming in and going out of a facility. Faces are recorded and matched accordingly.

This solution is especially useful for buildings, and shops that have a restriction on the total number of people who can enter a facility. It will also keep an account of how many people are currently in the facility at the given time. Safe Entry

Due to the current covid situation in Singapore, all persons visiting any given location are required to use their mobile phones with the TraceTogether application installed with Bluetooth TraceTogether tokens to scan in order to mark that they have visited a certain location.

There must be an internet connection available to the PesGuard to perform this transaction. All data is directly sent to the GovTech TraceTogether server. No personal information is sent or stored in the PesGuard or the Owlook Server.










                                                               TraceTogether Check-In using TT-Token

                                    TraceTogether Checking using the phone app installed on Apple and Android phones.

No information about the token or the user is stored in the pad or the server. The Check-In / Check-Out status message with the last 4 Digit of the NRIC is a response on the TraceTogether page itself. Vaccination Status

We can read the vaccination status of the person scanning and then trigger the following actions

  1. Send Open Signal to a turnstile

  2. Send a Light beacon signal Green for Vaccinated and Red for Unvaccinated

  3. Sound an alarm for unvaccinated

  4. Automatic keying in of Branch code when the app refresh

  5. Remote support and Management of devices.


Manpower required can be reduced as it would not be necessary to place personnel at each entrance to manage the app or the facility Even the app setup process will be automatic.

Cloud-Edge Design

The Pensees PesGuard design is based on a Cloud-Edge approach. The Cloud which is the Pensees Management server, Owlook, contains all the settings, User database, and management of all the PesGuard devices. The Frontend device and the PesGuard, perform Facial recognition, Authentication and Authorization, Temperature taking, and Vaccination Detection, and grants access to staff and visitors accordingly. It then sends all event data to the Pensees Management server. It also receives pictures and a list of authorized users from the server.

The Pensees Management server is hosted on the cloud and thus it can be accessed efficiently. All communication is protected and encrypted.

There is no need to have a backend server installed locally. As the server is on the cloud, it is not necessary for additional servers. Access is also easy as it can be accessed from anywhere.

If required, the Pensees Management server can be deployed locally as well.

Mounting Options

The PesGuard comes with many mounting options for various installation requirements.

1. Pensees Stand

For locations that do not have a means to place on a table or wall, a standalone stand can be provided. The stand comes with a very stable base which is childproof.

2. Desktop Mount

It can also be placed on a countertop or a reception table for quick access.

3. Wall Mount

The device can be mounted directly to the wall with the brackets provided. The power connectors and the data connection can be made whilst flushed to the wall.

Sorting Medicine

Medicine Dispensary

The Medicine Dispensary system of Pensees uses facial recognition to recognise residents, most of whom are old folks, so that medicine is being dispensed accurately, whilst at the same time, reducing additional manpower to take temperature, and reducing reliance on humans, which is prone to mistakes, when dispensing medicine.