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Pensees Intelligent Face Recognition Access Control System

with Temperature Monitoring Version 1.0

Pensees Intelligent Face Recognition Access with a Temperature Screening Module is a 4-in-1 device.

Automatic contact-less temperature measurement allows you to avoid traditional body temperature measurement by thermometers and temperature gun. With infrared thermal body temperature measurement, the device is able to achieve a temperature deviation of ±0.3°C, in the body temperature range of 30°C~45°C.

Pensees in-housed developed device and Face Recognition algorithm, face recognition with mask algorithm patented to Pensees Singapore R&D Center.

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PENSEES Intelligent Portable Non-contact Body Temperature Monitoring System



Pensees Systems is an AI company that focuses on computer vision and IoT technologies and provides integrated industrial application solutions. Taking deep learning-based computer vision technology as a breakthrough point, Pensees has established deep roots in security and other vertical industries. It is committed to providing outstanding AI+IoT full-industry chain technologies and software and hardware solutions in the fields of safe city, intelligent residential community, smart parks and others, as it pushes forward the industrialization of AI.

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