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DigiPen Sharing Session – ‘Advancement of Deep Learning and Its Deployment in Real Applications'

Updated: Dec 23, 2022

23 June 2022

Pensees Sharing Session at DigiPen SIT Singapore for Computer Science Internships (Undergraduates) in AI and Software Development Roles as well as full-time job opportunities
Students at Digipen Singapore (SIT) actively participated in the asking and answering of questions during the insightful and engaging talk.

Pensees was honoured to be invited as a guest speaker for an on-campus company sharing session at the DigiPen Institute of Technology Singapore. Titled ‘Advancement of Deep Learning and Its Deployment in Real Applications’, the session garnered the attention and active participation of penultimate and final year students looking to pursue careers or internships in the Artificial Intelligence industry.

DigiPen Institute of Technology Singapore, a partner of the Singapore Institute of Technology (SIT), is a world-leading institute specializing in computer interactive technologies. DigiPen’s expertise in the game industry prepares its graduates for various professions, including software developers, computer scientists and designers. SIT and DigiPen have been offering joint degree programmes for over ten years and continue to equip students with sought-after skills in the ever-evolving digital economy.

Pensees Sharing Session at DigiPen SIT Singapore for Computer Science Internships (Undergraduates) in AI and Software Development Roles as well as full-time job opportunities
Pensees' Managing Director and Chief Scientist, Jane Shen, shared about the development of Machine Learning and Deep Learning.

Ms Jane Shen, Pensees’ chief scientist and managing director, conducted an insightful sharing session on machine learning and deep learning. With an overview of traditional machine learning followed by an introduction to the advancements in deep learning, her talk provided a concise yet comprehensive overview of how machine learning has advanced up to this point. Emphasizing on the concept of ‘AI as a Service’, Ms Shen provided an exclusive look into how deep learning technology has been applied by Pensees in their range of products and solutions which have proven beneficial to clients in many fields. These included Pensees’ face recognition, person re-identification and anomaly detection technologies, as well as their associated platforms and products. In addition, the Transfer Learning Framework with examples such as cross-domain person re-identification, few-shot learning and multi-task learning were covered in the talk, all of which are areas in which the company excels. Especially beneficial to the computer science undergraduates in the audience were the AI industry insights illustrated by Ms Shen, such as the importance of product deployment and the blurring of boundaries between job roles in Machine Learning Operations.

Ms Shen also provided a glimpse into the work culture and experience in Pensees and informed the students of available internship opportunities and full-time roles in AI Technology, System and Full Stack Development. At the end of the informative sharing session, the audience was provided with the opportunity to engage in a QnA segment with Ms Shen.

Initially focusing on education for the digital media industry, Digipen (Singapore) has expanded its niche to equip students with skills like computer science and software development for the broader digital economy. Its students’ enthusiasm towards the AI industry was evident from their receptiveness towards the knowledge presented to them during the talk as well as their inquisitiveness during the QnA session. It was an honour and a delight to be a part of this sharing session which gave both students and employers the chance to share insights and connect.

If you are a student interested to pursue an internship or a full-time role with Pensees Pte Ltd, please reach out to Ho Ying Shin (HR Officer) at We offer AI Scientist internships in the roles of Cutting Edge Technology Development and Software Development.


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