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SFF x SWITCH 2020 | Pensees Technology, Jane Shen Shengmei

SFF x SWITCH, Asia’s leading technology, innovation and enterprise festival was held from 7 – 11 Dec 2020 in Singapore. SWITCH is organised by Enterprise Singapore (ESG) and Intellectual Property Intermediary (IPI), supported by National Research Foundation (NRF), and in partnership with SingEx.

As "the world's largest financial technology gathering" and "the world's largest technology innovation platform", policy makers, financial and technology leaders, academic authorities and innovation ecosystem participants from more than 130 countries and regions gathered together to share in the financial cutting-edge technology and innovative practices in the fields of technology, smart cities and urban solutions, healthcare and biomedical sciences, trade and communication, and blockchain, artificial intelligence and 5G.

Ms Jane Shen, Chief Scientist of Pensees Technology and Managing Director of Pensees Singapore had represented Pensees in various sessions of SWITCH 2020. Jane delivered a keynote speech entitled "Innovation amidst the Changing Global Landscape", sharing that in the context of today’s global change, artificial intelligence companies Thinking about technological innovation and landing practice.

In the sharing, Jane said that the unique geographical advantages and the national artificial intelligence strategic plans allow Singapore to continuously explore cutting-edge technology from a global perspective and realize the research and development and innovation of AI technology and the application of AI in multiple scenarios. As a leading domestic AIoT company, Pensees took the lead in establishing overseas research institutes and technical committees in Singapore and has always maintained its understanding and attention to breakthrough technologies. At the same time, Pensees has also carried out a series of collaborations with the National University of Singapore, Nanyang Technological Institute and other universities and enterprises in Singapore to explore the application of AI technology.

Jane also shared Pensees Singapore’s capabilities in AI smart city, and how its technologies is assisting various industries in construction, retail, buildings and even in autonomous patrolling robot. Especially during the COVID-19 period, Pensees was part of the Pre-approved vendors for SMEs Go Digital program by IMDA and its Facial Recognition Access Control device is now deployed in more than 600 locations in Singapore. Pensees will continue to develop AIoT solutions as a Service, for ease of AI deployment for companies in Singapore and the region.

Finally in her speech, Jane hopes that in the current and post-epidemic era, Singapore will be able to cooperate fully with global innovative companies and organizations in the fields of artificial intelligence and deep learning, and calls on women to give full play to the leadership and innovation advantages of women in the field of artificial intelligence. She shares a vision of more companies and individuals to build an AI ​​community in Asia, explore and establish a greater academia and industry driven research and calls for more to pay attention to emerging cutting-edge technologies and their deployment scenarios, promoting the AI ​​industrialisation.

We were honoured to be invited to be part of SWITCH promotional video series - 25 People, One Story. Jane was featured in Episode 4, which will feature on topics such as inspiration and entrepreneurship, as well as diversity and inclusion. Jane shared her insights and experience as a leader and changemaker with Pensees and this series helped promote the SWITCH event, as well as to promote the calibre of speakers at SWITCH.

Pensees will continue its development of innovative research in cutting-edge AI and actively promote the application of AIoT through AI as a Service in China, Singapore and the region. We are grateful to be part of the eventful SWITCH 2020 and we look forward to next year’s event.



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