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Tech-and-GO! Funding for NCSS members

Updated: Feb 17, 2023

Our team attended the “Second Tranche of The Invictus Fund Virtual Launch Event” by National Council of Social Services (NCSS) yesterday as Pensees is one of the solution providers for Social Service Agencies (SSAs). Kudos to Pumpkin Squad at NCSS for pushing technological adoption and digitalisation for our SSAs in Singapore.

As part of the Fortitude Budget announced in June 2020, the Government provided a top-up of $18.3 million to the Fund to drive transformative efforts for effective service delivery in the new normal. Supporting this effort, Pensees has been speaking and working with SSAs for their requirements for temperature measurement, crowd management and Video Analytics solutions.

We look forward to speaking to more SSAs and do reach out to us for further queries on our solutions.

Email us at for more information visit:



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