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Video Analytics for Real Life Situations

Most video surveillance systems remain static, and in fact 98 percent of CCTV footages remain unseen.

How can organisations actively seek to use their video footages and make it real-time to send alert signals to pre-empt a potential fight, to intervene in real-time when there are intruders, or to render help immediately upon an elderly who has fallen, and/or to dispense medicine so that the right medication is given to the right person? Pensees has the answer through its Video Analytics systems.

The fighting detection system designed by Pensees Singapore was developed upon request from our customer. Designed to solve real problems for real situations, the Video Analytics system for fighting detection aims to solve the manpower crunch in Singapore where Singapore faces a shortage of Security Guards.

With Video Analytics, real time intervention is possible as an alert would be sent to the monitoring system. With Video Analytics, Security Guards no longer need to have their eyes glued to the monitor screens for long hours. Countering the human eye, the Fighting Detection Video Analytics system is capable of detecting violent activity under cameras of different lighting and different angles. This means that it is able to detect fighting in the night time, even without lighting turned on!

The automated alert system manage trigger alerts and feedback to our AI system for incremental learning and to visualise the behavior statistics on daily, weekly and monthly basis, with the possibility of data mining.

The Video Analytics System for Fighting Detection is novel and we have patented the system.

Fighting remains an event that is of paramount importance to have its detection automated. Performing real-time detection and post-event analysis, combined with facial recognition, the technology works by sending alerts so that real-time action can be activated if fighting takes place.

Here's one good way to keep Singapore safe and putting Singapore into the impetus for Smart Nation.



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