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Work Culture at Pensees

Pensees Singapore Research Institute is an AI company that focuses on Computer Vision and IoT Technology development to provide AI technologies and solutions that advance the world’s economies and AI for the Future. Headquartered in Beijing China, Pensees Singapore started operations in March last year and has since built a sizable workforce of close to 30 employees. Apart from building reliable and robust AI technologies and breaking World Records, Pensees’s key strategy to becoming a successful company lies in developing trustworthy and strong interrelations within our staff. In order to do so, building a positive and enriching work culture is our top priority.

As a start-up, Pensees took advantage of the opportunity to build an enduring culture from the ground up, something that large corporations cannot afford to do. Having a strong culture helps employees feel that they fit in and are part of a team that shares common goals. Therefore, Pensees has put in place an array of programs and initiatives to engage, manage and retain our talents.

1. Training and Development

With the rapid advancement in technology, tech talents want to be in an environment with opportunities to learn and explore new technology. Here at Pensees, we understand the need to develop and nurture our employees and to equip them with relevant skills and knowledge to remain competitive in the field. We ensure that all of our employees, from the most senior to the most junior, get the chance to hone their technical and non-technical skills, to become well-rounded individuals. Besides providing on-the-job training by respective team leaders, we send our employees to courses conducted by external trainers and conduct bi-monthly in-house Micro-Learning Sessions. Micro-Learning Sessions are bite-sized sharings that bring employees together to discuss both work and non-work related topics so that employees pick up both hard skills and soft skills from one another’s experiences.

2. Employee Engagement

While it is important for our employees to continually challenge and improve themselves, we also make sure to have fun at work through the following initiatives:

1. Sports and Recreational Activities

Our Sports and Recreational team plans and organises monthly activities which build team-work and camaraderie among our employees. Last year, the team organised a day trip to Sentosa to celebrate the successful opening of Pensees Singapore in July. We had fun under the sun and returned sweaty but happy! Towards the end of the year, Pensees went on a day trip to Johor Bahru. We explored the city and indulged in their local delicacy and sang Christmas Carols at a Karaoke Lounge!

2. Festivities and Birthday Celebration

Pensees believes in the importance of creating an inclusive community among our employees of different races so we come together to celebrate the different cultural festivals, regardless of one’s background. Pensees also holds monthly birthday celebrations to commemorate our employees’ special day.

3. Daily Stretch and Dance

Another highlight of our work culture is the daily post-lunch stretch and dance activity. Hip Hop, Zumba and Disco have been a hot favourite with Pensees. Our employees get to stretch out their fatigue and have fun during the session.

4. Work from Home Program

As part of Covid-19 Circuit Breaker measures, all staff are required to work from home. As such, the company came up with an exciting WFH program to keep our staff engaged and motivated. The program held virtually over Zoom concall includes daily morning stretches after morning meetings, Wednesdays Post lunch dance, “Introduce your family and pets” day as well as Micro- Learning sessions.

5. Employee Welfare

Pensees is where employees come together to build meaningful connections – within and outside of the company. This guiding principle of valuing our employees is also reflected through employee engagement events and activities and office fixtures. The office has a large central pantry where our employees can enjoy a wide assortment of free snacks, coffee and fruits to keep them energized throughout the day. In addition, our employees can claim an Overtime Meal Claim of $10 on days when they stay late at the office. Additionally, all new staff in the office enjoy a welcome high tea to get to know their colleagues.



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