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Streamlining Workplace Management with AI Facial Recognition

Updated: Jun 6, 2022

With the easing of pandemic restrictions in the workplace, employee management and experience are becoming focal points once again. The changes encountered over the past two years have pushed organisations to re-evaluate their approaches to workforce management, especially for companies whose disconnected systems were not well-equipped to handle a dynamic workforce and flexible schedules. It has been estimated that by 2023, 60% of the top two thousand businesses will be utilising AI-enabled platforms for this purpose, with one noteworthy trend being Facial Recognition.

Compared to access systems involving key cards, fingerprints or keypads, Facial Recognition technology offers a more safe, hygienic, efficient and foolproof alternative. These advantages position Facial Recognition as the frontrunner to become the new mainstream security access for employee management and experience.

Pensees supplies AI Facial Recognition technologies to enhance the level of refined management and security protection of office buildings and workplaces.

1. Time Management System (TMS)

Pensees’ PesGuard simplifies and integrates door access and attendance management systems. The TMS Cloud-based management dashboard provides administrators with an overview of real-time summary statistics regarding employee attendance and check-in count, which are constantly updated according to check-in and check-out records detected by the Facial Recognition technology. Individual attendance reports with detailed time data can also be accessed and exported. TMS aids in accurate management of employees, thereby helping to avoid the phenomena of missed attendance records and false attendance.

One of the sections in Pensees’ Time Management System Dashboard

2. Enhancing Accessibility and Service for Visitors

The PesGuard can be equipped with a ‘Help’ button for visitors. When pressed, a snapshot of the visitor and a direct link for remote door unlocking via the Cloud will be sent to the relevant personnel for prompt verification and approval. This enables the company to respond swiftly to visitors, providing a barrier-free experience without compromising security. The remote door access function can also be activated anytime by administrators via the Cloud, allowing for complete control of all PesGuard-equipped entrances and exits from a single location.

3. Flexible Customisation of Access Permissions

Using the management dashboard, entry access can be controlled with precision. Access time for each entrance can be specified, with different settings applicable for individuals or groups. In the case of any exceptions, the pre-determined settings can also be overridden by the administrator via the remote door unlocking system. As such, the movement of personnel in workplaces of all sizes can be accurately grasped and managed with a one-stop solution. This ensures safety, security and adherence to company policies, even without the need for deploying additional manpower.

Unlike key cards or passcodes which can be duplicated or shared, the face of each and every individual is unique. Combined with the convenience of a central management dashboard, the unparalleled safety and efficiency of Pensees’ PesGuard makes it an optimal choice for companies wishing to stay ahead of the curve in terms of workplace management.

Contact James Cai at +65 97518276 or the Pensees Sales Hotline at +65 8893 0056 for any enquiries.

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